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The richly landscaped six and a half acres which now house our Central Park
Condominium once were part of Selby Botanical Gardens. Hopefully you
know the grounds well and have also been impressed with the outstanding
upkeep and improvements overseen by our very hard working and dedicated
volunteer Board and our paid maintenance person Eddy Norguera, assisted
by Paul Blank.

In condominium ownership each unit owner is responsible for the interior of
their unit, and all owners together are responsible for the common elements
of the buildings and grounds. In this ownership there is only "us"; there is no
"them". The Board is a group of our fellow owners.

We are writing to inform and update you of the hard work and changes that
have occurred in the past year. Much of this work is visible and much of it is

Our current Board consists of
Deborah Anderson, Mike Venz, Lloyd Sidwell,
Murray Rudnick,
and Timothy Frye.

Highlights of what the Board has accomplished
on our behalf this past year...
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